November’s Featured Facial Treatment – Enzymatic Pumpkin Facial

Ready to spice up your fall? Try our featured facial treatment this November – All-Natural Enzymatic Pumpkin Facial!


What is an Enzymatic Pumpkin Facial?

This facial treatment includes an all-natural pumpkin exfoliant, which removes dead skin cells and regenerates new cells for an improved complexion. The pumpkin facial also balances skin tone, removes excess oil, prevents blemishes and impurities, and decreases pore size. Packed with natural enzymes and vitamin A, C, and E, the pumpkin exfoliant will leave your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated, without using harsh irritants, chemicals, or peels!


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November’s Featured Body Treatment – Asian Hot Stone Massage


Our featured treatment this November is SpaZend’s Asian Hot Stone massage – a great way to warm yourself up this chilly November.

What is Asian Hot Stone Massage?
This is an 80-Minute, full-body treatment that combines massage with heat therapy. The SpaZend therapists use smooth, water-heated river stones as an extension of their hands to provide deeper relaxation, pain and stress relief, balance and purification. Asian Hot Stone Massage combines the loosening of muscles, joints and tissues with the balancing and flow of energy, promoting the dichotomy of yin and yang for the body, mind and soul.

Asian Hot Stone Benefits:
-Tension Relief
-Pain Reduction
-Improved Flexibility
-Decreased -Inflammation
-Increased Circulation
-Alleviated Stress


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4 Ways to Fulfill Your Needs While Helping Others

Being mentally and physically well are extremely important!

a pretty good time

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” ~Dalai Lama



Today I am very humbled to be able to share some of my self discoveries on the website TinyBuddha. This is a fantastic site that offers daily posts on mindfulness, compassion, and general spirituality in everyday life.  I hope you enjoy the post. Please let me know what you think!

4 Ways to Fulfill Your Needs While Helping Others


Namaste, Elizabeth

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October’s Featured Treatment – Japanese Clay and Cedar Wrap


Our featured montly treatment this October is our decadent Japanese Clay and Cedar Wrap – perfect for the seasonal transition from summer to fall.

What is a Clay and Cedar Wrap?

Negative ions, found in clay, draw out impurities, restoring the body and regenerating cells for improved health and activity. This luxurioius treatment includes: a mineral-rich Asian white clay massage, a warming body wrap, cedar oil hot stone facial massage, and topped off with a cedar lotion body massage.

Clay and Cedar Wrap Benefits:

  •     Relieves aches and pains
  •     Detoxifies the body
  •     Stimulates circulation
  •     Boosts immunity
  •     Decreases bloating
  •     Regenerates cell growth
  •     Hydrates skin
  •     Increases skin firmness
  •     Reduces cellulite
  •     Protects against free radicals

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